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Nexigreen: high-tech disinfection for public transport

For disinfection in transport, both an embedded automated system and a mobile device for disinfecting the interior of a vehicle can be used.

What you get

Fast and efficient treatment of the interior of vehicles, including the treatment of air inside, as well as labor.

  • Safer transport
  • Easier and faster disinfection
  • Higher efficiency and costs reduction
  • Fully automated solution
  • Remote control
  • Reports and analytics system
How it works

Nexigreen solutions are created for providing a healthy environment for people. We create high-tech disinfection equipment, safe disinfectants, and software. Our professional key competencies refer to:

Transport-embedded or mobile device disinfects the air and all surfaces inside
Deemaster — innovative devices for effective fog disinfection
of air and surfaces. Deemaster’s solutions effectively help
to reduce viral and bacterial threats in public spaces.
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We use high-efficiency and safe disinfectant. It is safe for people and any type of surface & electronics
Diostrike — one of the safest, fastest, and most effective disinfectants used against all socially significant infections, including tuberculosis, viral infections, as well as mold fungi, spore forms of bacteria, and biofilm.
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Special remote control and the automated system make disinfection easier and much more efficient
A unified information system allows you to automate the processes of control and management of disinfection measures at the enterprise.
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Our specialists provide full maintenance service and future support for any element of a complex solution
Customer support service.
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