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Nexigreen on Medium:

    Nexigreen: the complex solution as a new approach
    Despite the high level of technological development, we still face various challenges in the environment’s safety: infections and viruses, various types of fungi and mold that affect both premises and food.
    Nexigreen Solutions: fogging techs for everyday use
    Nexigreen solutions created for providing a healthy environment for people. Our key competencies refer to environmentally safe disinfectants, automated disinfection equipment, and software. In this review, we will talk about...
    Nexigreen: effective disinfection and sanitation for healthy indoor environment
    Nexigreen preserves nature and creates environment friendly solutions. Our primary goal is to ensure a minimum concentration of pathogens in indoor areas that is adequately perceived by the human immune system...
    Study reveals Hepatitis E resistant to common hand disinfectants
    Infection from pork. In Germany and Europe, HEV has its natural reservoir in pigs. The infection can spread from animals to humans, which is called zoonosis...
    Antibiotic-resistant infections: More than 1.2 million deaths worldwide
    WHO representatives said that the new study “illustrates the existential threat” posed by drug-resistant microorganisms...
    A pound of cure is worth an ounce of prevention
    At the same time, Omicron has become Germany’s dominant coronavirus variant, accounting for 73.3 % of cases nationwide.